Local Deals for Guests

As a guest of the Palmetto Motel, you will be located near all the fun things to do in Panama City Beach, Florida! We also have nearby attractions and local favorites that offer our guests special deals, just for staying here!

Pontoon Boats

20% Off Pontoon Boats for Guests using code “palmetto” online!
Be the captain of your own boat for the day! Bring the whole family, yep, even Fido! You can see Shell Island, go fishing, take the kids snorkeling, and enjoy so much scenery!

Dolphin Tours

Guests get 20% Off Dolphin Tours with code “palmetto” online!
Come swim with the dolphins and enjoy the local wildlife in PCB! They are always very friendly and lots of fund for the kids or even just couples to see up close in person…. in their natural habitat!

History Class

First Drink Free for Guests!
Come enjoy over a dozen beers on tap, southern snack foods, and a friendly staff! Everything inside creates a very relaxing environment and tells the history of Bay County… from the first local bank vault to films of PCB during the 60’s playing on the walls.

Guests get $2.00 Off, up to Six People
Bring the kids for an experience like no other! From Lazer tag to fun science exibits, everyone will be entertained for hours! Great any day, and perfect for those rainy days!


Guests get $20 Off Panama City Diving!
If you have always wanted to check out scuba without committing to a whole weekend of training this is the class for you. This is a brief classroom session and a closely supervised dive in the Gulf of Mexico with all gear included. If you know how to swim and want to explore the undersea realm we’d be happy to take you! Use code “PALMETTO” online at panamacitydiving.com


10% Off Kayak Rentals from Sunjammers!
Rent a couple kayaks and take a fun trip around the bay in St. Andrews Bay, located in the middle of the gorgeous scenery in the surrounding area. We’ll show you everything you need to know to get going in the water.


10% Off Taxi Service for Guests!
The next time someone needs a ride, choose the safest and cleanest taxi service. Our staff are licensed cab drivers who take pride in helping families enjoy their stay in Panama City Beach. Not to mention, we know the area and can show you around! Just show your Palmetto room key and get 10% off!


Free First Draft Beer for Guests!
Enjoy beautiful dockside views, live music, and great food at this outdoor tiki bar and restaurant. Our guests get their first draft beer for free with any meal!


Your guide on this adventure will be Capt. John Vann. Everyone from the beginning spin fisherman to the most advanced fly angler is invited and welcome on our boats. We always cater the type of trip to match your skill set, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

10% OFF Beach Jet Skis for Guests!
Rent your own Jet Ski or ride with a friend directly on the beach! No experience is necessary, up to two riders per watercraft, and tickets are good for over a dozen locations!

Panhandle Helicopter

Panhandle Helicopter
Panhandle Helicopter provides air tours from Panama City Beach, Florida. Tours vary depending on the amount of time you’d like to spend in the air viewing “the world’s most beautiful beaches” from the best seat on the beach.

Beachside Jet Ski Rentals
Rent your own Jet Ski or ride with a friend directly on the beach! No experience is necessary, up to two riders per watercraft, and tickets are good for over a dozen locations!

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